Vibra-Stop™ Aerosol Spray Threadlocker

May 26, 2016

When it comes time to apply a threadlocker to your fasteners, there are many options to choose from. You can dispense from a bottle, use a brush on application with Vibra-Stop bottled, or the spray-on option that’s available with Vibra-Stop Aerosol. Vibra-Stop is a unique threadlocker, sealant and anti-vibration compound that allows you to install and re-install the coated fasteners many times until re-application, making part-servicing easy. You can also coat and install one time and the anti-vibration compounds will keep the fastener locked in place. Vibra-Stop aerosol can help you reach tight places that a brush application will not allow.

Vs  Aerosol Photo From  Boating  World

Other benefits of Vibra-Stop include:

• Installation can occur immediately OR indefinitely after application of Vibra-Stop. The formula dries after application, allowing parts to sit disassembled for weeks or months.

• The formula is effective and non-damaging on metallic and non-metallic surfaces (even plastic), and works on both threaded and non-threaded fasteners.

• In addition to Vibra-Stop Aerosol, Vibra-Stop regular brush application is available in many grades, including a permanent heat activated grade.  

Vibra Stop Single

Vibra-Stop overcomes traditional roadblocks that prevent threadlockers from being packaged in spray applicators. Curing limitations and instability barriers have been eliminated with Vibra-Stop aerosol spray, further extending the vast capabilities of this unique product. 

To order Vibra-Stop Aerosol or brush on application, please click here.