Electronics Manufacturer Requests Highly Specialized Coatings from Tectorius

A major manufacturer of components for the electronic industry reached out to the Tectorius development team with a request for two coatings with very high performance requirements. Tectorius not only welcomed the challenge, but delivered the needed performance with exceptional results.

In today’s world, the realm of personal electronic devices is highly competitive. This industry thrives on fast and continuous innovation, and requires the highest level of consistency as possible. Latent or stray particles, vapors and residues produced by any component in a device can lead to impairment or catastrophic failure of that device, due to optics fogging, contamination or electrical short circuiting due to stray particles.

Challenge #1 – Fastener Lubrication

This manufacturer was seeking to improve their micro assembly consistency with a highly refined lubricant at a competitive cost. Tectorius formulated our Tec-Slip™ 300 series for use in very sensitive environments such as clean rooms, electronics and optic assemblies. These materials are highly lubricious, non- conductive, dry film lubricants designed specifically to minimize shedding of particles and vapors while providing lubrication for assembly and operation of highly sensitive devices.

Tectorius provided a unique, cost-effective solution to the electronics manufacturer with our Tec-Slip™ 300 series of lubricants, delivering all required demands while meeting all contamination requirements.

Challenge #2 – Component Surface Sealing and Particle Preventative

A second issue was found in the carbon-fiber and glass filled plastic materials that the manufacturer’s components were made of. During the molding process, plastics are commonly composed of fibrous materials to improve strength and integrity of components. However, one disadvantage of this process is that it leaves exposed fibers on the surface of the molded part which tend to shed and produce undesired, sometimes conductive particles that contaminate the very sensitive internal operating environment of an electronic device. This creates a risk for circuit damage.

Again, Tectorius was able to provide a solution. We answered with our Tec-Kote™ 790 series. This coating not only meets all contamination requirements in itself, but also seals the surface of molded components to prevent shedding of particles. Tectorius Tec-Kote 790 creates a hard and durable finishing coating, incorporating any possible particle site into the Tec-Kote film. The result is a dramatically minimized number of loose particles.

Tectorius was able to provide a specialty coating solution, saving the manufacturer a large expense of having to scrap parts and switch to new materials. Our team of materials specialists are keenly aware of quickly evolving technologies and the greater demands placed on material performance. They welcome the opportunity to explore specialized performance requirements for lubricants, adhesives and coatings your industry may demand.