Tectorius introduces an innovative approach to the nylon patch; Tec-Lok liquid nylon

Shelby Twp., Mich., January 03, 2014 –Tectorius™, a world leader for fastener and assembly industry needs, is pleased to introduce Tec-Lok™ liquid nylon.

This product offers the ease of liquid application, with all of the functionality of a traditional nylon patch. Tec-Lok liquid products are water-based materials that are pumpable, simple to work with, and easy to clean up.

Tec-Lok features include:

•A liquid format that allows for 90-360º coverage around the part

•A more secure thread lock resulting from a 360º application

•Little or no plating discoloration due to a lower curing temperature

•Easy clean-up of a water-based material

•Multiple color selections for part identification to meet your assembly needs

•Resists and seals against most automotive fluids: oil, water, antifreeze, and gasoline have virtually no effect on this family of materials