Tec-Lok 100 Series

The Tectorius Tec-Lok family of products includes a growing number of variations to the well-known nylon patch locking feature. Nylon patch is a process-applied deposit of nylon to the threaded portion of a fastener that prevents unintended loosening.

This non-reactive type of thread locker is intended for parts that need to remain serviceable and removable, while also being resistant to most motor fluids, solvents and harsh environments.

Tectorius’ selection of Tec-Lok products encompasses several grades of powder-applied nylon and liquid-applied nylon, in addition to hybrids intended for high temperatures (up to 200˚ C) or special applications. Tectorius offers a wide range of color options to easily identify your company, customer, or distinguish a particular part size or type. Tec-Lok is a Standard Nylon 11 locking patch fused to your fasteners. The position and length of patch is variable to suit your requirements.

Specific formulations of Tec-Lok™ meet or exceed the performance requirements of automotive, Industrial Fastener Institute, U.S. Military, and OEM standards.

Tec  Lok 100 180 Dpi

Liquid Nylon 360˚ has all the same features as the Powdered Nylon Patch, with the following added features: