Mechanic's Kit

The Mechanic’s Kit is the perfect gift item. Three unique and essential products create a perfect lineup of assembly aids for every tool box:

1) Bit-Biter™ damaged screw remover - all you need is this liquid tool and your screwdriver to easily remove those stubborn stripped, rusted, or warped parts.

2) Squeak-Stop™ colorless, odorless universal lubricant - no drips, no stains, and no harsh odor makes a great solution for any assembly that squeaks.

3) Vibra-Stop™ adjustable thread locker - damps vibration, eliminates rattles, protects and enhances any assembly from doorknobs to lawnmowers.

All three products are effective and safe for use on metal, wood, and even plastic! Paired together specifically for auto and motorcycle maintenance and assemblies, the products in this kit are effective when used for an endless number of projects in the garage, in the shop, and at home. It’s the perfect gift (and it keeps giving every time they reach for a screwdriver).

Mechanics  Kit2