Vibra-Stop (Grades 1-20)

Vibra-Stop™ is a powerful vibration-damping coating for use on fasteners and other assembly components. It prevents loosening and leaking of screws, nuts, bolts, and parts of all types. The product's unique resiliency allows for removal, readjustment and reinstallation of components.

Vibra-Stop is engineered to be cost effective and CFC-free. The Grade 3 product is a non-ozone depleting formulation of methacrylic resins and copolymers that prevents fasteners from loosening, even under extreme vibration.

The formula is non-anaerobic and non-reactive. Unlike anaerobic adhesives, this product does not degrade plastics, seize parts in place or depend on a chemical reaction.


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Why Vibra-Stop?

Vibra-Stop can be compared to other thread lockers and sealants. What differentiates Vibra-Stop from competing products is its unique chemical formulation, allowing users to coat multiple parts with the formula and leave them disassembled for an indefinite time period. Other thread lockers require immediate assembly after application. Additionally, Vibra-Stop dries approximately ten minutes after application. There is no liquid mess to deal with, unlike other thread lockers that require the action of assembly to cure and lock.