About Tectorius®

Tectorius® is a world leader in the field of pre-applied sealants, adhesives, lubricants and other specialty coatings. In addition to supplying our customers with the materials and application equipment they need for effective mass coating of fasteners, we provide the necessary service, expertise, testing and troubleshooting to assist with every project. Many of our products meet or exceed performance requirements of Automotive, Industrial Fastener Institute, Military, and OEM standards. We also create and manufacture custom products (in both small and large quantities) in order to reach the most efficient solution for your specific assembly needs.

Our unrivalled product and service quality is achieved because we are committed to employing the best professionals in the industry. Continuous training and the skills learned in-house ensure a thorough knowledge of the industry that includes quality issues, product process and supply chain logistics. All of our staff members actively contribute to a product and service that is recognized by the industry as exemplary. This combination of industry knowledge, experience, committed staff and professional worldwide network ensures that you receive the product you need.

Interested in becoming a Distributor? We are always interested in finding new partners to strengthen the Tectorius® network. If you are interested in the opportunity of working together, contact us!