Global Automotive Powertrain Supplier Needs Specialized Fastener Retaining Feature

In 2005, Tectorius was approached for a specialized retaining application involving componentry inside of GM engines. Although similar retaining products had been used in other types of applications, none were acceptable for the inside of a fully assembled engine. The strenuous demands of high temperature and direct, continuous motor fluid exposure found inside of a combustion engine were far too much for these existing products to withstand.

Tectorius launched the Tec-Stay™ line leading with Tec-Stay 592 grade as the flagship. Its formulation properties prevent deterioration in harsh environments, allow it to stay in place and pose no threat to the engine circulations system. Tec-Stay is used to secure anchoring bolts to key lubrication components during sub-assembly and transportation, allowing them to arrive on the line “ready for installation” in one easy step.

So successful was this concept, that it has since been adopted to most automotive and truck engines manufactured globally, by nearly all OEMs for both gasoline and diesel units.