Heavy Construction Manufacturer Requires Robust Weather Insensitive Friction Control

The Tectorius research team, known to be dynamic and innovative in fastener enhancement products,  was contacted by a manufacturer of heavy construction components for a specialized problem. One of their high stress fastening systems was encountering a high failure rate due to tension variation. Because of the complexity, size and location of their assemblies, fastener replacement is particularly difficult and costly. Since the parts involved are low stretch components, consistency is key, and variation must be at a minimum.

Not only must the surface finish meet the required coefficient of friction, it must remain consistent in a wide temperature range and in all outside weather conditions found globally. Other assumed criteria, such as stability over time, resistance to transport damage, superior adhesion and the ability to accept paint are essential and play a much more significant role than in conventional, in-plant, assembly situations.

Tectorius developed a new coating that proved to be vastly superior to other candidates and was the only one that could meet the all the needed requirements. As an added feature, the customer also asked for coloration to enhance the appearance of the final product. This new grade has since been added to the Tectorius ® Tec-Slip™ line of dry film lubricants.