Unique Thread Locker and Vibration Damper Product Line STS/Tectorius presents Vibra-Stop product as an aerosol spray

Shelby Twp., Mich. – Tectorius™ is pleased to present Vibra-Stop™ thread locker, sealant and anti-vibration compound as an aerosol spray.

Vibra-Stop overcomes traditional roadblocks that prevent thread-lockers from being packaged in spray applicators. Curing limitations and instability barriers have been eliminated with Vibra-Stop aerosol spray, further extending the vast capabilities of this unique product.

The original brush grade and heat activated version remain available for purchase. Vibra-Stop product differs from other thread-locking compounds in a variety of ways:

•Coated pieces can be removed and reused multiple times.

•Installation can occur immediately OR indefinitely after application of Vibra-Stop.

•The formula is effective on metallic and non-metallic surfaces, and works on both threaded and non-threaded fasteners.

Operations Director, William Mackowski, comments, “Applications where this product can save time and money for manufacturing and assembly can be found in any facility. Potential users need only to think out of the box and evaluate how their operations could benefit if they were freed from the limitations of traditional anaerobic products.”