Tec-U-Seal™ pre-applied fastener sealant is a unique resin matrix sealing and seating material for under head encapsulation. Specifically designed to flow and adhere to most ferrous metals and smooth surfaces, the series is a low-cost and effective alternative to o-ring seals, injection molded seals, and die-cut gaskets. Tec-U-Seal products are applied directly to the fastener, washer, pin, bezel, rivet, clip or other component and cured in place.

Tec-U-Seal works by compression seating. The material absorbs shock, movement and temperature cycling of thermal expansion between parts, allowing its elastomeric nature to minimize movement and resist loss of seating and sealing ability in stressed situations. Formulas are available that adhere securely to most substrates or surfaces. This property eliminates misalignment and displacement issues associated with traditional seals.