​Tec-U-Seal™ Under-Head Sealant

Tec-U-Seal™ pre-applied fastener sealant is a unique resin matrix sealing and seating material for under head use.

Tec U Seal pre-applied fastener sealant a unique resin matrix sealing/seating material for under head encapsulation


Tec-U-Seal™ pre-applied fastener sealant is a unique resin matrix sealing and seating material for under head encapsulation. Specifically designed to flow and adhere to most metal surfaces, the series is a low-cost and effective alternative to o-ring seals, injection molded seals, and die-cut gaskets. Tec-U-Seal products are applied directly to the fastener, washer, pin, bezel, rivet, clip or other component and cured in place. 



» Reduces vibration

» Controls noise

» Seals

» Fills gaps

» Masks

» Identifies

» Insulates

» Trims 

» Prevents Scratches

» Dielectric Isolator


Tec-U-Seal works by compression seating. The material absorbs shock, movement and temperature cycling of thermal expansion between parts, allowing its elastomeric nature to minimize movement and resist  loss of seating and sealing ability in stressed situations.

Formulas are available that adhere securely to most substrates or surfaces. This property eliminates misalignment and displacement issues associated with traditional seals.



 » Unaffected by automotive fluids: This family of materials includes grades that resist and seal against most automotive fluids including oil, water, antifreeze, and gasoline.

» Variety of Colors & Softness: Available in a variety of colors (for easy part inspection), durometers, and properties to fit the desired application. Custom colors are also available.

» High Temperature & Self Adhesive Formulas: Tec-U-Seal includes grades that are specifically intended for use in high temperature environments or in applications where a tacky surface will assist in component positioning for final assembly.

» Saves Money: Tec-U-Seal saves valuable time and is less expensive than applying bottled, die cut or molded sealing elements at the point of assembly.

» Resistant: Tec-U-Seal has excellent chemical and environmental resistance.  It is advisable to store in dry, clean conditions.












Grade Characteristics

Very hard and durable, Non-PVC, Non FoamMedium hardness, Non-PVC, Non FoamSoft and rubbery, Non-PVC, Non FoamMedium hardnessClosed cell foam, softNon-PVC, Non FoamNon-Foam rubberSoft cushion

Standard color

VioletPink and yellowBlueBright greenCustom colors YellowBlack Gray

Solvent Resistant

Very goodVery goodGoodCompatible with most common chemicalsModerately solvent resistantCompatible with most common chemicals and motor fluids. All weatherFully resistant to weather and most water based chemicalsFair


Shore D 60-75Shore D 30-50Shore A 40-60Shore A 70-90Shore A 25-40Shore A 50-70Shore A 40-60Shore A 25-45



Curing Cycle


Special Characteristics

UV Cure dual cure systemUV Cure dual cure systemUV Cure dual cure systemUV Cure dual cure systemNon-tack UV and heat cure system, foam cushionSlight tack for stay-in-place featureNon-cellular general purpose sealSmall cell foam

Operating Temperature

<175°C<175°C<175°C<175°C<175°C-45°C to 200°C<160°C<160°C

Competes With

NySeal® 2.0  Precote® 200 Precote® 200ND Plastisol® and NyPlas® 

NySeal® and NyPlas® are registered trademarks of Nylock®

Precote® is a registered trademark of omniTECHNIK®