Vibra-Stop® Anti-Vibration Compound & Threadlocker

Vibra-Stop® is a powerful vibration-damping coating for use on fasteners and other assembly components.

Vibra Stop vibration-damping coating


Vibra-Stop is a powerful vibration-damping coating for use on fasteners and other assembly components. It prevents loosening and leaking of screws, nuts, bolts, and parts of all types. The product’s unique resiliency allows for removal, readjustment and reinstallation of components.

 Vibra-Stop is engineered to be cost-effective and CFC-free. The Grade 3 product is a non-ozone depleting formulation of methacrylic resins and copolymers that prevents fasteners from loosening, even under extreme vibration.

 The formula is non-anaerobic and non-reactive. Unlike anaerobic adhesives, this product does not degrade plastics, seize parts in place or depend on a chemical reaction.



» Exceptional Shelf Life: Parts coated with Vibra-Stop can be stored indefinitely before use.

» Versatile: Vibra-Stop can be used on components of all types, not only fasteners. Rivets, pins, shafts, collars, springs, knobs,    terminals, etc. can benefit when coated with Vibra-Stop.

» Surface Insensitive: Unlike most anaerobic adhesives, Vibra-Stop adheres to both ferrous and nonferrous metals and to most  screw types including wood, plastic and plated.

» Provides a Reliable Lock & Seal: Vibra-Stop holds parts in place under a wide range of conditions; even during extreme  vibration.

» Multiple Reuse: Parts coated with Vibra-Stop can easily be adjusted, removed, and reused without reapplication.

» Minimizes Galling/Stripping: Vibra-Stop is a resilient insulation coating that helps reduce galling and thread damage.

» Low Cost: Vibra-Stop is priced far less than anaerobic adhesives and competing products.



Apply Vibra-Stop liberally to threaded area to be engaged in assembly; allow to dry. Fastener can then be installed or stored indefinitely for later use. Vibra-Stop is usable on male and female threads, and even in non-threaded applications. When applied, Vibra-Stop dries within seconds leaving coated parts ready for assembly in just a few minutes. Part degreasing is not required prior to application.

File 1


Grade Number


Solvent Base

Grade 1

Transparent RedEthyl Acetate

Grade 2

Transparent BlueEthyl Acetate

Grade 3- Standard Shelf Grade

Transparent RedM.E.K.

Grade 4

Transparent BlueM.E.K.

Grade 5

ClearEthyl Acetate

Grade 6


Grade 7- Solid

RedCustomer added. See SDS

Grade 8-Solid

ClearCustomer added. See SDS

Grade 9- Heat Activated

Transparent OrangeM.E.K.

Grade 10- Conductive


Grade 11- Aerosol

Transparent RedMultiple Solvents. See SDS

Grade 12- Toughened

Transparent GreenM.E.K.

Grade 15-Non-conductive, dielectric

Royal BlueBlend

Note: Grade 11 Aerosol is comparable to our standard shelf Grade 3 product, with added solvent. Shipping restrictions may apply.



Breakaway Torque:

No distinct hard break; slow, gradual release

Prevailing Torque:

Continued and constant resistance to rotation

Cured Appearance:

Resilient plastic

Shelf Life:


Chemical Resistance:

Resistant to many common fluids

Water/Weather Resistance:

Impervious to tap and salt water

Corrosion Resistance:

Resistant to acid/alkali: corrosion barrier

Operational Temperatures:

-50°C to 75°C (~60°F to 170°F)

Applicable Materials:

All metals, wood, most plastics