Heat-Activated Vibra-Stop™ use for Engine Performance Enhancement

Tectorius was approached by the engineering team at the world-renowned Saleen Automotive Company with a request. Saleen is most famous for its highly-specialized retrofitting and performance modifications of various Ford Mustang production models. Other notable models that have received the Saleen treatment include the Dodge Viper and Challenger. In all cases, the company’s focus has been to boost performance and refine the aesthetics of these models to turn out rare and distinctive versions of top-notch automobiles.

In discussions between the Tectorius and Saleen engineering teams, it was decided that the supercharging unit, the keystone of engine performance enhancement, should have the most optimum thread locking system available. The assembly and attachment point bolts need to withstand the rigors of high-performance conditions, vibration, elevated temperatures, and underhood environments, yet allow for the servicing of parts. Although these are all very common requests for thread lockers, the challenge was the added criteria of:

1.Components remaining adjustable.

2.Specialized, low-volume quantities.

3.Extraordinary shelf life for availability in aftermarket kits.

These requirements made this niche impossible to fill for all other products available on the market.

Tectorius proposed our Heat Activated Vibra-Stop (Grade 9) product. This unique product can be stored indefinitely, applied by the user at the time of assembly or to the fasteners weeks before use. Vibra-Stop leaves a resilient, dry to the touch deposit on the threads of the fastener. Once installed, the part is resistant to loosening caused by vibration, yet it permits disassembly and adjustment.

This special grade of Vibra-Stop provides a secondary activation triggered by the heat of a running engine. This kicks off a chemical bonding reaction that locks down the motor assembly, providing the added assurance of fastener locking on a finished and fully- adjusted engine assembly.