Vibra-Stop™ Application in the Firearms Industry

HT Holsters manufactures a unique plastic pistol holster product. Firearms are secured with a lock mechanism to prevent unauthorized or unintended removal. The fast release switch is located in a natural and convenient spot, secured with a single screw. That one screw is vital to the proper functioning of the holster.


A problem arose resulting from simple use of the holster and outside vibrations that gradually loosened that vital screw, causing the lock mechanism to malfunction. Since the product is made of plastic, a traditional thread locker would be ineffective and even damaging to the holster, exposing the officer or user to the danger of an unsecured firearm.

Tectorius™/STS was able to overcome this issue for HT Holsters. The unique chemical formula of Vibra-Stop allows for it to be used on a variety of materials including plastic, rather than only metallic fasteners. Vibra-Stop does not cause any damage to the plastic holster, and fasteners remain in place and stable for longer than they had before. Additionally, the unique reusability of Vibra-stop allows for the user to service their equipment for maintenance without the worry of stripping heads or threads.