Vibra-Stop™ as an Unconventional Solution for Rattling

Traditionally, thread lockers are only used on threaded fasteners. Although there are thousands of scenarios where Vibra-Stop has effectively performed as a traditional thread locker, its unique capabilities can be expanded beyond that traditional use.

Vibra Stop Window Regulator

A leading manufacturer of automotive components was experiencing a problem with its window regulators. Customers were hearing the amplified rattling of four window regulators within their vehicle doors. Any one noise in a car can create an annoyance. The hard plastic parts in the regulators were not fitting together properly, leaving room for vibration (and therefore, noise) in the pulley assembly. The manufacturer had to do something about this issue.

The regulators are made of plastic, strictly limiting any traditional thread lockers or adhesives from being used on the gear. The manufacturer was faced with investing an indefinitely large expense in research, new materials, redesign, and/or remake of the product.

Instead, Tectorius™/STS was able to provide a solution for the company. We had them apply a few drops of Vibra-Stop to the gear spline, which acted as filler between parts, damping vibration and eliminating noise. Unlike most thread lockers, Vibra-Stop is effective on plastic surfaces and does not cause any long-term damage.