Tec-Bond® Water Based Threadlockers

Tectorius Tec-Bond® water-based thread adhesives are unique products that directly replace traditional solvent-based chemistry. They have been designed specifically to transition long proven reliable epoxy performance into state of the art, environmentally friendly chemistry. The combination of a solvent free, REACH and RoHS compliant composition with tight physical performance character make them the perfect match for progressive, global manufacturing.

Tec-Bond 240 is the water-based alternative to Tec-Bond 235.

Tec-Bond 261 is the water-based alternative to Tec-Bond 251.

Both products are available in two grades:

Tec-Bond 240-IN and 261-IN are suited for general-purpose use.

Tec-Bond 240-PR and 261-PR were developed with precision assemblies in mind where performance on titanium, stainless steel, special alloys, or plastics is needed.

Tec Bond 240 100423