Tec-Bond Pre-Applied Thread Adhesive and a Global Tier 1 Auto Supplier

A global tier 1 automotive supplier approached the Tectorius engineering team with a problem involving an expensive and highly specialized double-ended stud assembly, widely used by U.S. automakers. On each end of the stud there was a deposit of not one, but two different competing manufacturers and applicators of pre-applied fastener coatings. In both cases, each side of the stud did not meet retaining torque specification values and had demonstrated multiple field failures of the entire system provided by the tier 1.

The customer came to Tectorius because there were a great number of parts already manufactured, resulting in a significant loss if they were to be scrapped. Their request was for Tectorius to remove the existing adhesives and apply our best pre-applied thread locker. Since this stud assembly included a plastic bushing and spring clip, standard adhesive removal methods were not possible. After extensive testing, it was determined that the Tectorius Tec-Bond products were robust enough to apply over the top of the failed competing material! Removal torques jumped from the failed 4 Nm to over 20 Nm! This highly cost-effective and reliable solution was adopted by the tier 1 supplier at a significant savings on replacement parts.